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Fresh air, inspiring views, a thrilling climb to the peak over the river, and you have the reasons why bridge running is great cardio. The Granada Bridge is a front runner for one of our top exercise locations in the Daytona Beach, Florida area.  This beast of a concrete structure facilitates runners, cyclists, dog walkers, yogis, and paddle boarders (alongside in the water) on a daily basis.  The bridge has natural attraction for those seeking to fit in, whether it is during the day for a good tan or at night under the bridge’s beaming lights.  A safe route is provided up and over the bridge on both sides for pedestrians, as well as amazing views of the Halifax River.  One could get lost in the beauty of the surroundings if not careful, but you must remember, you came here to get on top of your fitness and sweat it out.

If you find yourself jogging on this bridge or a similar bridge in your city during rush hour, here is a little fitness challenge for you.  Traffic on the bridge increases during high volume time, and we challenge you to use that for motivation.  Your challenge is called the “Red Light, Green Light”.  Every time the traffic is flowing across the bridge toward you from a green light, you must run.  You slow your pace down to a walk and recover when the cars stop coming because they received the red light across the bridge at the bottom.  However, once they start coming at you again with their green light, you must get back to your run!  Try it out and let us know on our Facebook if you have any other creative ways to make running on a city bridge fun.

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In 2014, I created the Fit in Daytona Magazine as the writer, photographer, interviewer, and digital designer. After it's local explosion in popularity, the magazine grew & evolved into an online fitness publication. - Founder of Fit in Online, host of the Fit in Online Fitness Documentary.

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