Why Are We All Wearing Neons?


It is not easy these days to purchase athletic clothing from your favorite sporting goods store without browsing among a multitude of vibrant and fluorescent colors. Have you noticed these neon colors creeping into our closets and shoe racks, and wondered why?

Peacock Effect, fitness trends, flourescent colorsLet us look to the peacock for the answer. In school you were most likely told some animals, like the peacock, show off their richest colors when looking to attract attention? A proud peacock can be seen at times impressively fanning its tail feathers to display a beautiful art-board of colors. Be aware bright colors can also be used for attention as a warning to stay away. The bright colors from highly poisonous snakes, such as the coral snake, indicate the exact opposite of the peacock effect. Instead, this type of eye catching color attraction is best used for observers as a caution.

Nevertheless, the big name athletic companies in the fashion and apparel industry have exploited the “peacock effect” to us with brightly colored gear and it is working.   Homo sapiens are the most intellectually advanced species on the Earth, but our instincts at times can be no more complex than some other species in nature. The trend in color for athletic wear has become an array of loud and attention-grabbing colors.   It is a challenge to stand in front of the running shoe display at a mall store and find an all-white or all-black pair of shoes.   It is just not a shoe choice that will get you attention when you go running down A1A or over the Intracoastal Waterway bridges.

Ever since we were babies our eyes have been attracted to brightly colored imagery. Think of how a baby’s crib is designed with brightly colored décor and hanging toys. Through our vision, colors impact and stimulate our minds in many ways.

shoes, sneakers, running gear, bright colorsIt is worth mentioning this “peacock” trend does not represent all exercise enthusiasts. Not all of us are seeking the subconscious attention of the opposite sex through our bright colors, like the peacock showing off in his mating strategy. In fact, some wear these bright colors when running or cycling along roads for the safety benefit to ensure they are not struck by oncoming traffic.   Either way, good luck trying to find navy blue or grey colored gear for your summer workouts this year.   We are all now subjects to the fitness industry’s trend of expressing individuality through neon colors. Hey, at least they bring out your tan!

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