Are Bad Shoulders Keeping You From Hitting All Your Fitness Goals?


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Whether you enjoy swimming at your local YMCA or handstand push-ups at your local CrossFit box, cranky shoulders have most likely sidelined you at one point in time or another.  While a bottle of Ibuprofen and a tube of BioFreeze later you might feel a little better, you’ve likely done little to address the underlying cause of your shoulder pain.  What might the underlying cause of your shoulder pain be and what can you do to address it? While the possibilities are numerous, let’s take a look from least likely to most likely.

The least likely, yet most serious cause of pain, is some form of systemic illness. Yes, things like cancer, inflammatory arthritis, and referral from certain organs (like your heart for instance, which is well known to cause left sided shoulder and neck pain when in distress) can cause shoulder discomfort, but they are rarely the cause. However, with that said, no article could or should ever replace the judgment of your physician, who is well trained to confirm or deny the presence of such serious disease processes.

Equally as rare when it comes to causes of shoulder pain is trauma.  In this case, trauma is not referring to a “wear and tear” injury that occurred from years of misuse (more on that to come…), but rather things like motor vehicle accidents or being tackled funny by a 300 pound lineman. All rules go out the window when trauma is on board, and again this article is of little use if your shoulder pain is of traumatic onset.

The third, yet by far most likely, cause of shoulder pain is faulty movement. Simply put, the body is a finely tuned machine built to operate a certain way, and while humans are amazingly adept at adapting to a multitude of stressors, poor movement will ultimately cause something to go awry. Similar to how a cross country trip with a car out of alignment will almost always lead to mouth dropping bills at the mechanic.  A body moving with suboptimal mechanics will assuredly break down at some point.

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About Dr. Taylor Levick

Taylor Levick is a chiropractic physician and performance coach based out of the Daytona Beach area. Dr. Levick brings over a decade of experience in personal training to his clinical practice, where he is able to combine the methodology he was exposed to through his chiropractic education at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, extensive post-graduate studies and seminars, undergraduate studies in exercise physiology at the University of Florida, and devoted self-learning into a truly unique approach that benefits not just athletes, but people of all walks. In an effort to “walk the walk,” Dr. Levick is heavily invested in his own health and fitness, and regularly seeks to push the limits of his own performance. In addition to owning his own private practice, Dr. Levick personal trains clientele and is the general manager of Impact Fitness and Health, and is a part-time faculty clinician for Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Clinic. When not working, Dr. Levick enjoys staying active and taking advantage of Central Florida’s year round nice weather.

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