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Q:  Is it okay to eat after 9pm?  ~Camille D.

A:  This is an ongoing controversy and the answer is supported by the simple fact that your body requires a certain amount of calories a day. Consuming all of your needed calories on a day-to-day basis is the key. Our schedules tend to get in the way of meal planning, and sometimes we don’t get off of work until late or we like to workout before dinner time, etc.

Choosing a well-balanced meal is going to be extremely important. Our bodies need time to digest so if you choose a heavy meal at night you may experience a hard time sleeping. Also, the body may not require to use all the carbohydrates and fats while you are sleeping. Therefore an insulin spike will occur and increased cortisol levels will lead to results in weight gain around the abdominal area. If you must eat before bed time, think of food sources that will provide your body an ample source of protein for muscle recovery or building, and has little excess calories or even “empty” calories.

A simple saying to live by, “Eating in the evening won’t stop you from losing weight, but consuming too many calories throughout the day, will!”

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I am a Graduate from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor in Nutrition. With a passion in health & wellness I continued to pursue Personal Training with ISSA & AFAA. I work with adults & children to reach their health goals in areas such as weight loss, sports training, reducing food cravings, proper nutrition and maximizing energy. The key is to help the individual understand a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best and implement lasting changes to create a healthy lifestyle.

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