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Buschman Park, Port Orange, Florida, Outdoor Exercise equipment, outdoor gym, healthbeat outdoor exercise system, #fitinonlineWe heard news about a company who makes exercise equipment specifically for outdoor use in parks across the country so we decided to investigate.  Here at Buschman Park in Port Orange, Florida we found such equipment.  In addition to the equipment, Buschman Park also features a beautiful half mile walking path around the water.  This path is a classy spot for anyone seeking a local “walk in the park”.  However, let us offer the more advanced member of the fitness community a workout option.

This workout is meant to balance cardio with strength training, from a safe and effective targeted heart rate zone. You will use the equipment provided at the park to build a circuit workout, consisting of stations we labeled #4 through #9; a total of 6 stations. Some stations have an adjustable hydraulic cylinder with difficulty levels represented by 1-6 on a dial. Check this dial before beginning and set to an appropriate setting based on your fitness level and goals.

Although there are 6 stations, be aware this circuit will consist of 8 exercises because station #4 has two separate exercises (rows and push-ups) and station #5 has two separate exercises (pull-ups and dips). You will perform each exercise at the station for 20 seconds, focusing on proper form and balance. At the end of each 20 seconds you will immediately report to the next exercise without an extended rest. The idea here is to get your heart rate up. Once you have completed the circuit, you will then jog the ½ mile path in between circuits.

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By focusing on your form through the circuit and only jogging the ½ mile path (not sprinting), you should be performing this workout at about 70-80% total effort. This should allow your heart rate to elevate, but not be maxed out, and allow you to move on through the workout with minimal rest. See if you can safely push yourself to complete 3 circuits.

Finally, let us just add a disclaimer. Be smart with your workout. Please workout at a pace that is consistent with your fitness level and goals. As always, consult your physician before increasing your physical activity. We are not in this business to see people get hurt. Train hard AND smart!  Find us here on Facebook to let us know about your experience with using outdoor exercise equipment!

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