Why Do We Check-in On Social Media?


The “check-in” feature has been a great dimension to the Facebook social media environment since its introduction several years ago. It allows you to show off your range in day-to-day life as you hop from one interesting destination to the next. Often it is used as a traveling diary on picturesque vacations. However, this Facebook tool also has the opportunity to be annoying to some, depending on who is using it.

Most likely, we all know someone who abuses this Facebook feature with a status update explaining to us that he or she is at the gym about to crush a workout. Wonderful, except they checked in yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that day and so on. We get it, you go to the gym daily, but what we don’t get is why we are subject to the torture of our newsfeed being inundated with your gym check-ins?   Let us take a look deeper into the possible reasons for gym check-in repetition.

The elephant in the room would be to say that these people are narcissistic. It seems like the most honest, logical answer.   Albeit, that may be true, but most likely we all contain at least a little bit of narcissism. Some people seem to have this trait more prevalent than others. With that said, it is entirely possible the constant gym check-in Facebooker is seeking attention from peers and inserting a trail of material needed for you to perceive him or her as healthy. However, let me play devil’s advocate and show you a reason why you may think twice about judging this person.

Think about the individual who is single, not married, and living alone. This person has no cute baby pictures, family get-togethers pictures, or engagement ring pictures to post online letting us know they are still alive, well, and happy. What about the bartender who works 50 hours a week and lives paycheck to paycheck? They have no expensive vacation pictures to post or weekend getaways to the Keys. All they have is their health and the midnight trips to the gym. These are proud moments, the same type of delightful feelings some of us have when we post pictures of our children for our friends to see or those check-ins from that hard earned vacation we planned all year. When you look at the repetitive gym check-in person through this perspective, you start understand they are simply posting about one of the best things they have going, their health.   For that reason, we support them.

Next time, you see a repetition of gym check-ins by a person, consider the thought processes going on by that person and the situation they may be in before you decide they are annoying. Well, unless it’s a gym check-in, with a selfie picture, a duckface, and hashtagged “#betterthanyou”. Then, my friend, you have free rein to be annoyed.



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