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Q:  Is a pre workourt safe to add to my diet?  ~Lynn G.

A:  Pre workout supplements are usually designed for those looking for an extra “UMPH” in their routine.   The supplements work by adding focus and long-lasting energy into your workout, thus allowing you to push yourself into finishing a few more reps or go a little longer during cardio sessions, when you normally would give up.   The reason is most pre workouts contain at least four staple ingredients including creatine, caffeine, nitric oxide, and beta alanine.

Creatine aids in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), allowing more energy to be produced.  The increased muscle creatine content is associated with greater body mass and total body water volume.   Therefore, for females this can result in unwanted water retention.  Caffeine is known for its performance enhancer.   Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate, or expand which helps pump extra blood to muscles during exercise allowing an extra pump along with nutrients to flow into the muscles.  It is also known to help muscles recover faster.  Beta Alanine is an amino acid that raises muscle carnosine concentrations for improving workout performance and helping to decrease soreness.  The tingly sensation that may happen when consuming a pre workout is caused by beta alanine.

The controversy about the safety of pre workout supplements is due to the fact that the FDA has no regulations so therefore not all ingredients need to be listed. Supplementing with a pre workout should be done in moderation.  Always follow the directions on the label.  Most importantly, please listen to your body and any side effects you may experience while taking them.

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