The Benefits Of A Walk In The Park


With a modern fitness world full of fancy gyms, awesome CrossFit boxes (gyms in CrossFit lingo), and beautiful yoga studios, we sometimes take for granted our natural settings for exercise.  Consider a nice long walk in the park for your next workout.  If you are looking for a challenge, maybe you might even want to jog/bike a trail path.  Trails in local state parks provide a great surface for giving your legs a workout, as some of the terrains are typically soft.

Coastal Strand Park, North Peninsula State Park, Flagler Beach, Florida, #fitfam, #fitinonlineWe chose a 2 1/4 mile trek through the Coastal Strand Trail of the North Peninsula State Park located in Flagler Beach, Florida.  This type of exercise really stimulates the senses through its beauty and eligibility for a National Geographic centerpiece.  As you travel through this trail, you are left on alert from signs stating you may see some of the rare and protected species, such as the Gopher Tortoise or the Eastern Indigo Snake.  Some of the trail even leaves you navigating underneath the seclusion from a natural tunnel created by over-hanging trees and vegetation.  The deeper you immerse yourself into the park, the easier it becomes for the mind to wonder back into the time when the Giant Sloth roamed this coastal ecosystem.

These type of walks in the park serve as a great opportunity to escape your daily issues and get lost in the timeless nature your surroundings.  Based on common sense and signs around parks, I suggest you wear appropriate shoes/boots, carry water, wear bug repellant, don’t visit parks during bad weather conditions, and be alert for the wildlife in your area (bears, snakes, alligators, etc).  Unfortunately, bikes are not allowed on some trails so research before bringing your bike along.  Enjoy and let us know about favorite walking trail on our Facebook acccount!

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