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­­­Cancer Surivor, zumba to cure cancer, carla braga, beat cancer, #fitinonlineWe all have struggles in our lives, some proving to be harder than others. Your toughness will undoubtedly be tested throughout life at some point. ­Meet Carla Braga, a survivor who feels lucky her big test came at point when she was on top of her fitness and diet.

Let us begin at the beginning. Flashback 10 years prior to current time and you will find Carla adjusting to her new life after a recent relocation from South America to the United States. During her transition, Carla gained 40 extra pounds over her first 6 years in the States. This wasn’t normal for Carla, a woman who owned her own gym in Brazil, always exercised, and went to school for personal training in her home country. Carla decided it was time to do something about this and over the course of the next 4 years she lost 40 lbs. Zumba became a big reason for her weight loss because she found herself hooked once she tried it at a local fitness facility. This rediscovery of a fit lifestyle is something that Carla would later claim as one of the biggest factors behind the outcome for her recent battle with illness.

In January of 2014, Carla was diagnosed with Stage 2B Invasive Ductal to cure cancer, beat cancer, zumba fitness, carla braga, #fitinonline, #fitfam In other words, Carla had Breast Cancer. The disease unfortunately was not located in one area. The cancer spread to Carla’s lymph nodes and her body now took on two tumor growths internally.

The treatment plan designed for Carla was different than some similar cases. She underwent eight rounds of chemo, scheduled every other week for a total of sixteen weeks before surgery. After her mastectomy, Carla then needed to prepare for a recovery process which would include corrective reconstruction and a 5 year medication therapy system to block the body from producing extra estrogen.

Through the physical pain, chemo treatment, mental stress, and surgeries, emerged a woman who has a new reason to focus on her health and fitness. During her interview with FIT IN ONLINE, Carla told us:

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I’d like to say I won the fight.”

“I am more educated about eating healthy now and trying to eat in-season organic foods to continue fighting the chance of the Cancer showing back up”.

As of September 2014, Carla has been diagnosed with a “No Evidence of Disease” status. Carla believes if she had that extra 40 pounds on her during this battle with Cancer it would have been much more difficult and possibly caused a different result in her fight. “Chemo hits you like a truck and if I had been that 40lbs heavier it would have been harder to get out of bed to go for all that chemo”, Carla told us. Since her experience Carla has given speeches, been involved in local fundraising events, shared her story on social media, and joined a Facebook group called “Breast Friends”. Carla feels she has a story to tell others… and that story is to keep fighting!

Fit in Online would like to thank Carla for sharing her story with us to help inspire others. Life is not easy, but Carla is unequivocal proof life is worth fighting for with all you to cure cancer, beat cancer, zumba fitness, carla braga, #fitinonline, #fitfam

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