Strength & Conditioning Workout Video From Impact Fitness


In this video from the FIT IN ONLINE documentary series of fitness life, you are brought to Impact Fitness for a unique group workout. The video features interviews with the trainers before the clips of the workout they put us through. Each interview shows how well-rounded the trainers who led the class were. Taylor is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Jeremy has a background in leading group exercise in the U.S. Military, and Patricia has been involved in the fitness industry since the 1980s.  The idea behind the workout in this video was to combine strength training and conditioning to create an intense total body workout for a person of any age or fitness level.

Here is the workout:

Strength: (8 sets of 3 repetitions)

  • Overhead Press
  • 3-Point Row

Conditioning: (A 2 round circuit of 5 exercises with each exercise time based on when the team performing the sled push/pull completes 2 repetitions)

  • Single Arm TRX Squat To Row
  • TRX Skull Crusher
  • Wall Medicine Ball Throw
  • Lateral Lunge With Slider
  • Sled Pull/Push

IN THIS VIDEO: Impact Fitness
HOST: Jimmy Langan
TRAINERS: Dr. Taylor Levick, Jeremy Brown, and Patricia Tremblay
FILM TEAM: Luisa Alvarez and Chester the Artist

About James Langan

In 2014, I created the Fit in Daytona Magazine as the writer, photographer, interviewer, and digital designer. After it's local explosion in popularity, the magazine grew & evolved into an online fitness publication. - Founder of Fit in Online, host of the Fit in Online Fitness Documentary.

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