Can You Believe This Backyard Tough Mudder Course?


Have you ever witness a muddy obstacle training session like this? This New Smyrna Beach team is training for the upcoming Tough Mudder event like no others we have come across. In fact, these Smyrnian Warriors have completely designed their own Tough Mudder inspired course in the middle of the wilderness.  Members of the team train on similar obstacles they will most likely face on November 8-9 in Kissimmee, Florida at the actual Tough Mudder Event. The Smyrnian Warrior training course has a very similar sandy-mud terrain they expect to see at the 10-12 mile official course in Kissimmee.

This FIT IN ONLINE video was filmed on a day when the Smyrnian Warriors invited us out to observe their training back in September. We had a blast and enjoyed putting together this episode for our Fit in Online members. A special thanks to all the teammates of the Smrynian Warriors for allowing us access to their training session and we are wishing the team a safe and sucessful event!

IN THIS VIDEO: Smyrnian Warriors
HOST: Jimmy Langan
INTERVIEWED: Brandy Keehn, Zach McBride, Dave McDonald, Tiffany Dirlam
FILM TEAM: Luisa Alvarez and Chester the Artist

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In 2014, I created the Fit in Daytona Magazine as the writer, photographer, interviewer, and digital designer. After it's local explosion in popularity, the magazine grew & evolved into an online fitness publication. - Founder of Fit in Online, host of the Fit in Online Fitness Documentary.

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