Man Does Workout Designed For Pregnant Women & Moms


Now this is interesting!  Our host, Jimmy Langan, was fitted with a weighted baby doll for this workout designed for future mothers, recent mothers, and the mothers who are looking to get their body back now that their kids are grown up.  Fit4Mom Trainer, Jenny Wischmeier, sits down with us throughout the video to explain what type of training this is, how it came about, and why she feels it is very valuable training method for all types of moms.

Throughout the video, you see Jimmy performing the exercises and vouching for the intensity of the workout.  This workout is not what you may have thought it would be.  In fact, when we interviewed some of the participants afterward, they all agreed that it was pleasantly more intense than just “pushing strollers”.   We encourage any mother who may be interested in taking her fitness level up a notch to check out the Fit4Mom Program.  It is a great way for moms to take their workouts outside of the gym and bring their children along for the fun with other moms and kids.

TRAINER: Jenny Wischmeier with Fit4Mom Port Orange/New Smyrna Beach
HOST: Jimmy Langan
LOCATION: The Baby Shoppe
FILM TEAM: Luisa Alvarez and Chester the Artist

About James Langan

In 2014, I created the Fit in Daytona Magazine as the writer, photographer, interviewer, and digital designer. After it's local explosion in popularity, the magazine grew & evolved into an online fitness publication. - Founder of Fit in Online, host of the Fit in Online Fitness Documentary.

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