Daytona Beach Fitness, healthy living in florida, magazine, fitnessOur original creation, Fit in Daytona Magazine, was based on a mission to motivate fitness enthusiasts toward fitness goals and foster the connection for the resources in the community needed to reach those goals. In our first 2 months of publication we surpassed 5,500 local social media followers. It was just an explosion of support for our mission and an attraction to the quality of the magazine we produced. During this time, we went on a tour of fitness facilities through Central Florida meeting many medical and fitness professionals. It was clear after a few months of printing the magazine, we established an amazing network in the Central Florida fitness industry and we had the potential to impact the fitness community with an even bigger impact than we initially thought possible.

Ok, So Whats Next?

We have now taken our mission, brand, experience, and network connections into a new direction. A direction with great potential to influence the fitness community in a positive way with your help. We are now sharing our hard-earned network of local health and fitness professionals with you on this site through our articles and premium videos, as a lifestyle enhancer for when you find yourself online. The type of lifestyle we are highlighting is one you can be proud to show off to your family and friends. A lifestyle that can possibly change your health, your outlook on life, and the way you look on the outside. This is the Fit in Online lifestyle.

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