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  • A couch exercise for you to workout from home and stay on top of your fitness with model, Jimmy Langan of #fitinonline.


    The Couch Routine

    This couch routine was developed for those who find themselves stuck on the couch, yet still wish they were working out. This workout is by...

  • A brain liftin a barbell to signify brain and braun.


    The Mental Advantage

    Think about some of the top athletes from sports; Michael Jordan, Adrian Peterson, Wayne Gretzky, and Usain bolt, just to name a few. What is...

  • A teaspoon of sugar.


    Sugar Bombs

    A small bomb can still inflict a great deal of damage, depending on how close you get…   It’s been estimated the average American consumes...

  • Peanut butter brownie fresh out of the over. #fitinonline


    Peanut Butter Mock Brownie

    This clean mock brownie recipe is a must try for any peanut butter lover. If your sweet tooth is in a constant battle against...

  • Picture of abs from model Katie Thoennes.

    Fitness Selfies

    August Fitness Selfies

    Check out these fitness selfies from our social media followers. If you want your physique featured use the #fitinonline hashtag for a chance to be...

  • Peanut butter protein pancake on plate with sugar free syrup. #fitinonline


    Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

    This is a great healthy alternative to the old-fashioned breakfast delight. In this recipe you will find a clean eating option for your kitchen...

  • A choice between an apple or donut.


    The Power Of Habits

    We throw around the word “habit” all the time, but have you ever stopped to ponder the incredible power of habits in your daily life?...

  • A sign prohibiting crunches.


    Building Abs of Steel and a Bulletproof Back

    What if I told you that your abdominal exercise routine is about as effective at giving you 6 pack abs as I was at picking...

  • Coastal Strand Park in North Peninsula State Park, Flagler Beach, Florida. #fitinonline


    The Benefits Of A Walk In The Park

    With a modern fitness world full of fancy gyms, awesome CrossFit boxes, and beautiful yoga studios, we sometimes take for granted our natural settings for...

  • An out of focus shakercup and a sunrise with surfers with the ocean waves underneath a Florida beautiful skyline.


    Morning Delight

    If you are similar to me, then you dislike the morning because it takes you awhile to get moving. In fact, you may also even...