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  • A juicy steak on the grill with spices.


    Thermic Eating

    Of the three elements of “synergy,” (supportive eating, strength training, and moderate aerobic exercise {your burst training},) the one that likely has the most people...

  • Ashley Knox, fitness model, lifting with weights. #fitinonline

    Fitness Pics

    Photo Shoot: Fitness Enthusiat Ashley Knox

    To inquire about booking our photography services to assist in your business development or to capture your personal moments, please contact us. Model: Ashley Knox...

  • Macaroni and cheese looking cheesy. #fitinonline


    Mac N’ Cheese

    This is a really unique twist to the popular comfort food. Try this healthy version but...

  • A group exercise instructor leading class.


    (Don’t) Follow the Leader

    If you’re reading this right now, it is probably safe to assume that you are a fitness enthusiast of some sort. This website isn’t exclusively...

  • The Granada Bridge in Ormond Beach, Florida over the Halifax River. #fitinonline


    Bridge Cardio

    Fresh air, inspiring views, a thrilling climb to the peak over the river, and you have the reasons why bridge running is great cardio.

  • Cranberries, strawberries, pinapple, kiwi berries, rasberries, and blackberries.


    Nutrition Q&A

    Q: Are carbs bad for me? A: Understanding carbohydrates is very important when it comes to your diet and knowing if you should...

  • Neon fitness gear to achieve bright colored clothing while exercising.


    Why Are We All Wearing Neons?

    It is not easy these days to purchase athletic clothing from your favorite sporting goods store without browsing among a multitude of vibrant and fluorescent...

  • Protein balls looking yummy for clean eating. #fitinonline


    Protein Balls

    This no-bake recipe is a must for the fitness kitchen. If you love sweets then...

  • Picture of abs from model Kristin Wrinkle.

    Fitness Selfies

    May Fitness Selfies

    Check out these fitness selfies from our social media followers.   If you want your physique featured use the #fitinonline hashtag for a chance to be...