The Fit in Online fitness store was created from the foundation of a popular regional health and fitness magazine, Fit in Daytona Magazine, published by Jimmy Langan. Our goal is to help support the spread of fitness and health-conscious lifestyles.  

In 2014, we published four unique volumes of Fit in Daytona magazine and distributed copies throughout Volusia County, Florida. Each volume was dispersed into various outlets, including local gyms, medical offices, and grocery stores. The magazine immediately attracted allure and attention from the fitness community on social media by gaining 5,000 local Facebook likes in the first 4 months of publication. The explosion in popularity for Fit in Daytona magazine on social media allowed us to attract great content writers, such as doctors, gym owners, trainers, and athletes. The content consisted of different topics and philosophies regarding the fitness lifestyle and health living.   

Jimmy Langan, Publisher, Fit in Daytona Magazine

The movement created by Fit in Daytona magazine was centered around a positive message and motive.  It was simple. The mission was to unite healthy minded people and allow them to network and share their common interest - fitness.  Our group became so interesting from outsiders looking inward, we actually gained state-wide recognition from the Governor of Florida.  The fitness community along the coast of Central Florida was sharing a powerful outlet for expressing their beautiful lifestyle of living healthy, and this was something we were getting praised for doing.  In the final volume of the magazine, the First Lady of Florida allowed us to have a interview and an inside look at how health and fitness impacts her life.  

Governor Rick Scott and wife, Ann Scott with Fit in Daytona Magazine
Governor Rick Scott and wife, Ann Scott, with Fit in Daytona Magazine

With the success our brand had through the magazine volumes, we found ourselves being contacted by more and more members of the fitness community asking to be involved with us. It was easy to see this was a great opportunity to collaborate.  This is where the next chapter to Fit in Online began - a 10 episode documentary series for our YouTube account.  The magazines were great, but by the time we featured stories, got them to print, and distributed them, it was weeks later.  The fitness community needed to get our stories quicker and faster - and thats what we did.  By utilizing the social media accounts the magazine helped us build, we were able to publish content to our followers much faster.  

The premise for the Fit in Online documentary was to put the narrative into the hands of the authority figures in the fitness community.  Rather than us talk about fitness, we allowed the professionals to be featured and share their knowledge. A consistent storyline in the series was having us going to a gym and broadcasting a workout from the top trainer.  It was great because we visited gyms and exercise groups with different philosophies and approaches to fitness. This exposed viewers to the different fitness options available to them without having to try them out first. 

Check out the Fit in Online Documentary Series.   


After the YouTube series, we took a few years off publishing content to pursue other endeavors and grow both professionally and personally. In this time we acquired new skills, expertise, and made even more connections to the fitness community. In late 2017 we realized there is an amazing opportunity to continue serving the fitness community by creating the next phase of Fit in Online. Our brand now offers a variety of unique products relating to fitness, especially athletic wear. Fit in Online works directly with manufacturers and distributors of fitness apparel to bring you quality products we know you will enjoy. 

This next chapter is an exciting one! We take pride in having a small role in your pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter if its yoga, spinning, body building, or anything in between - we are here to support you. I am very excited for the what the future holds for us both. You crushing your fitness goals, and us continuing to improve and build our fitness store.  

Stay healthy, 
Jimmy Langan